Aðils Aalto Suuri


Aðils Aalto Suuri from the clan of Ne Aalto Suuri, Is one of nine tribes in the nation of kylmä kivi (Cold Rock).

The nation of kylmä kivi is compiled of 4 different islands. Ne valkoinen vuori (The White mountain) to the North De bossen van Red (The Woods of Red) to the South Rauta Maa (Iron Land) to the East Rauhan Maa (Land of Peace) to the West

Yearly The clans meet on the island of Rauhan Maa to hold the vahvuus turnaus, a strength tournament where clan status is obtained through series of games, tests and Hand to hand combat.

The Clans

(In this years order) Oltava Hengitys (Bears Breath) Den store bølgen(The Great Wave) Metsästys Keihäs (Hunting Spear) Pöllö Harmaa (Gray Owls) Kivi Käsissä (Hands of Stone) Lumi Kissa (Snow Cats) Se Vasara (The Hammer) Punainen Jousi (Red Bow) And Ne Juntta (The Ram)

Aðils Aalto Suuri

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